The Pale Skin Trend - La moda de la piel palida

                                             Todo lo que es moda pasa de moda: Coco Channel
Centuries ago, one of the hottest fashion trends was having light white skin. Today, thanks to the cool factor now associated with Vampires, pale skin is back in. 

But it’s not just Twilight star Robert Pattinson that has us considering ditching our tanning beds for bite-worthy pale skin. At the 2009 Fall/Winter fashion shows, many models donned the porcelain chic look and we are seeing more and more milky white celebs on the red carpet. With so much focus on the damage the suns UV rays can have on our skin, it’s no wonder many of us are opting to go back to the classic and delicate look of sunless pale skin. <3

<3 Como podemos ver he dejado una recopilacion de fotos sobre otras usuarias y modelos que adoran y sacan partido a su piel palida, si Ladies han oido bien, el look piel palida esta de vuelta a si que todas aquellas que tengan piel clara aprovechen su tono para sacar el mejor partido posible. 
Por ejemplo la usuaria de la ultima foto a la izquierda fue comentada con: 

Kate was shopping with friends on Hampstead Hill. As I took these shots there was a special luminescent quality to the light created by the sky suddenly turning grey and the heavens opening with a torrential downpour. Kate’s pale skin against the shades of her grey dress with maroon stripes, from Topshop, subtly blended together with the background and eerie light to create a haunting effect. Kate was also wearing a Butler and Wilson bag.